The Great Clydesdale Migration

This is the blog for the Great Clydesdale Migration - the longest commercial trail ride in the UK. We are taking 5 weeks to ride our horses overland from Armadale in the Isle of Skye to Chappels Farm in the Whicham Valley, South West Cumbria where we are going to begin a new life and a new business.

Friday, September 22, 2006

This is the blog for the Great Clydesdale Migration - the longest commercial trail ride in the UK. We are taking 5 weeks to ride our horses overland from Armadale in the Isle of Skye to Chappels Farm in the Whicham Valley, South West Cumbria where we are going to begin a new life and a new business.

Here's the details of the trek:

LEG ONE: 21/9/06-24/9/06 - Armadale to Tomdoun (4 days)

DAY OFF / CHANGEOVER DAY - Monday 25th September

LEG TWO: 26/9/06-29/9/06 - Tomdoun to Kinlochleven (4 days)

DAY OFF / CHANGEOVER DAY - Saturday 30th September

LEG THREE: 1/10/06-3/10/06 - Kinlochleven to Crianlarich (3 days)

DAY OFF / CHANGEOVER DAY - Wednesday 4th October

LEG FOUR: 5/10/06-8/10/06 - Crianlarich to Drymen (4 days)

DAY OFF / CHANGEOVER DAY - Monday 9th October

LEG FIVE: 10/10/06-13/10/06 - Drymen to West Linton (4 days)

DAY OFF / CHANGEOVER DAY - Saturday 14th October

LEG SIX: 15/10/06-17/10/06 - West Linton to Ettrickbridge (3 days)

DAY OFF / CHANGEOVER DAY - Wednesday 18th October

LEG SEVEN: 19/10/06-22/10/06 - Ettrickbridge to Gilsland (4 days)

DAY OFF / CHANGEOVER DAY - Monday 23rd October

LEG EIGHT: 24/10/06-26/10/06 - Gilsland to Howtown-on-Ullswater (3 days)

DAY OFF / CHANGEOVER DAY - Friday 27th October

LEG NINE: 28/10/06-30/10/06 - Howtown-on-Ullswater to Dunnerdale (3 days)

LAST DAY: Tuesday 31st October! - Celebration at Chappels Farm


DAY ONE - Thursday 21st September
Armadale Farm to Kinloch Forest, via Knock beach -
A nice short, easy day - we didn't even leave Skye. Just a chance to get to know the folk riding with us, say our goodbyes to this beautiful place which has been home for so long now and really enjoy our last hours on the Skye beaches and forest rides.

DAY TWO - Friday 22nd September (today)
The plan is to go from Kinloch Forest to Kylerhea and spend the night in Glenelg Village at local B&B's, with an evening meal at the Glenelg Inn. Should be good, we have some rough Drove Roads to traverse and then a trip "over the sea from Skye" on the little Glenelg Ferry, hope the horses won't decide to go for a swim.


At 4:04 AM, Blogger ciorstaidhmacgillivray said...

hi Annie
its ciorst. hope everythings ok see you in about 3 weeks and counting down.
love ciorst

At 4:03 PM, Blogger Ricky said...

Hi Annie & Tim,
Dying to read more news from you. Hope everything runs smoothly for you all. How's Benny doing by the way?
See ya,
hugs from Ria

At 4:21 PM, Blogger Mary B said...

Hello Annie
Really looking forward to joining in on leg 6 and hoping that you have all enjoyed a smooth ride so far. Also hope that you can find time to add to blog because it would be great to hear some of your recent news.
Bye - see you soon Mary

At 10:03 AM, Blogger Andy said...

Hi Folks
Had a great day with the migration last sunday en route to the Kingshouse Hotel. Looking forward to taking my father and father in law on their next leg from Lochearnhead. Good luck

At 2:52 PM, Blogger jane err said...

hi annie & tim

chloe and i returned to states (sniff), with many pictures, fantastic tales and the dirtiest clothes imagineable.

although it was worth the look on the custom officer's face when he decided to go through our luggage -- he was hit with a big nose full of "damp horse."

we missed everyone as soon as we left but are already planning our return come summer.
hope all is going well and our deepest thanks for the best four days we've ever had.
love and "huge hugs" to ben, sparky and brutus for putting up with us.
ps. for those still scheduled to ride the migration, cheers!

At 11:45 PM, Blogger AndyB said...

I rode the legs from Kingshouse to Crianlarich. These were two of the best days of my life. Brilliantly organised. These horses are a dream to ride and a pleasure to be with. Please support Annie and Tim when they re-locate to Cumbria and give yourself an experience you will never forget.

At 10:53 AM, Blogger Andy said...

wet day en route to Callander. But spirits were not dampened. The migration moves on. All the best.
Andy and the oldies!!!!!!!

At 12:12 PM, Blogger Charlotte said...

Friends of mine came across you the other day (David and Janice from Argyll Trail Riding) but niether had a camera!!!!! Wish you had been coming a bit closer to here and I could have ridden my Clydesdale out to join you for a few hours. He his 17 hh 7yrs and called Hudson.

At 11:39 PM, Blogger Therry said...

Hi Annie & all the team!! THANK YOOOOO for such a wonderful weekend. Now I have worked out this blog business I will write some more when get home from school.

At 3:10 AM, Blogger Dana said...

hey there gang.... the migration is still moving ahead strong. All the horses are doing amazingly. We are in Drymen just now wnjoying the day 'off'. I had a lovely few days riding Brutus through the forests, thanks Therry for helping me stay on track!
Well the sun is out and we are all still smilling!
Love Dana

At 8:25 AM, Blogger Gilly said...

The Great Clydesdale Migration is the adventure I've been promising myself all my life - and then some. The horses are fantastic - especially Max, who walks beside me up mountains and carries me safely over every kind of terrain possible - but also likes to kick up his heels and have a good hurtle whenever he gets the chance!The people are also great and I have made some friends I hope I will keep forever. Ronnie and I are doing the entire ride - God and achey bones permitting - so far, so incredibly good.

At 11:52 AM, Blogger Helen McKellar said...

hiya! missing everyone already especially Emma! i just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to take part in the most amazing and wonderful journey and life experience for me yet. i hope you enjoyed your wine and give Emma a big kiss for me
love from Helen xxxxxxx

At 5:55 AM, Blogger Janland56 said...

Just finished 3 days on your gentle giants from Lochearnhead to Drymen where I proudly rode in cavalcade into my "home riding" village(although we didn't have time to ride into Lomondside Stud where I normally ride)Weather wet 2 days but horses and all friends(2 and 4 legged)more than made up for it!!Can I come back?

At 5:48 AM, Blogger fiona renshaw said...

hey annie and tim!!! fiona here from portree hope you guys and your clydies are all well and things are going great how is major coping? and did you cross the bridge through to lochearnhead ok???? iv just been reading through your comments and found a message left from a charlotte who has my first horse who is called hudson who is at livery where i used to work at brenfield trail riding center near lochgilphead !! how bazzare! what a supprize i got where i read her message to you! i hope she also reads this message and would like to contact with me as i would love too here how hudson is getting on.. i spoke to john last week and he said the had been sold and at livery up at breinfield! would love too hear from you all you can e-mail me @....
good luck with the rest of your journy all the best fi xx

At 11:09 PM, Blogger Therry said...

Hi Annie, Tim, Dana, Fraser, John & all the horseees!! Really happy as it seems like I actually managed to BLOG!!! WOW - so no stopping me now. I can see that Dana, Helen, Gilly & Jan have all been busy too. It's Thursday already and I still haven't come down after last weekend and you'll have moved even closer now. It was almost this time last week I was stuffing sleeping bags etc into my car to drive up and meet you. Is it Falkirk Wheel today or was that yesterday? I wonder if the people who were riding with you in the summer managed to see you go past?? Lots of love to you all and hope all is going well. Becky & family all send their love too and we had a really nice pub meal for the aniversary of Sparky & Ben's arrival last year - we'll have part 2 when you're here and all settled in!!! Better go now - be back soon. Love Therry & co xx

At 3:31 AM, Blogger Numfar_uk said...

I'll be heading off to wonderful Scotland the day after tomorrow eeep! Joining the ride on Sunday from West Linton, i can't wait! I've been riding horses with that mad woman since she first moved them to Skye and only had Max and Prince (soon joined by Harvest) I couldn't miss this opportunity to help move them to their new home, which will be a fabulous 3 hours from where i live instead of a long (but worth it) two day drive stopping at callendar over night. I'm so sad that i'll never get to do my favourite rides on Skye again, it's such a beautiful place, but i'm so excited about exploring new places and getting to see Annie, Tim, the horses, Benny and Zack more than twice a year!

I hope that all is going well and i'm getting more hyper by the minute :D

Roll on Sunday!

Cat Lee.

At 8:13 AM, Blogger THERESE said...


At 8:15 AM, Blogger THERESE said...

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At 8:21 AM, Blogger THERESE said...


At 8:40 AM, Blogger Andy said...

Hi Folks. If anyone has a more detailed route than the web site for the next few days - West Linton - Peebles - Newcastleton I would like to see it. Best wishes.

At 9:55 AM, Blogger Alan Duncan, Emporium said...

Been watching and listening closely to Annie Rose on radio, e plans for going South with interest e intrigue. Best wishes, Alan

At 5:17 PM, Blogger mad2anna said...

Hi gang, Bob and I have got some great pics of you at Glenelg and will send to Annie soon. If you were there and want some email me at (Daphne,I will send yours shortly). Was lovely seeing you all and particularly the horses (no offence humans!) Had a lovely walk with Emma, such a sweet nature, even though she trod on my foot (my fault, I paused too long as we squeezed between 4x4 and fence...a bruise well earned!) Also got some pics of Benny 'stalking' the pub cat in the car park, bless him he was dribbling too!!lol. Good luck with the rest of the ride, we look forward to coming to Cumbria to see you when you're settled. Luv 'n' hugs from Anna.xxxxxxxx

At 3:00 PM, Blogger Charlotte said...


We dont' know each other but I have already left one message which has got me in contact with my Clydesdales previous owner, so cant tellyou how happy that makes me feel. By chance I met her briefly at the yard where I now keep him, I had their Clydie on loan for a couple of years before I got my own. Sadly she died last year. Anyway what an adventure and as I said before so sorry I couldnt meet up.

Happy riding and good luck with your new home


At 4:03 PM, Blogger ciorstaidhmacgillivray said...

hi everyone
iv heard soo much about whats going on, i just want to get finished with school and start ridng an actual big horse not stinkz or a pony. will ring later in the week to see how when i will meet you.

At 10:38 AM, Blogger Nadine said...

Hey gang!! well I am still alive... hehehehe! I did enjoy a long hot bath and have been to the pool today to stretch those muscles out! WOW, what a fantastic two days i had. I dont think I will ever forget those two days as long as I live. The horses are AMAZING, a true credit to you all that work with them. I think everyone knew by the end of the trek to West Linton, that Rosie had quickly found her way into my heart. She is adorable and I look forward to seeing her, and the rest of you all again soon. I really hope the rest of the ride is as great (and full of giggles) as my last day did. I will try and continue my sun dancing for you all, and may the god of comfort send more seat savers!

with all my laugh
Nadine xx

At 1:23 AM, Blogger Andy said...

hi folks. The Ford at West Linton was most impressive. A splashing time - headed by the Icelandic ponies.

At 2:03 AM, Blogger Ruth said...

Hi Guys!
Sorry its taken so long for me to leave a blog but I've been kinda busy...I can't tell you how proud I am to have taken part in something so amazing - memories from Leg 1 'The Hardcore' will stay with me for life. Every day was something new, fantastic and thrilling, and the horses were just a revelation, even to me and I'm already converted! I was so sad to leave Tomdoun but over the moon to see you all again the other day at Oatridge and then at Carlops with the Icelandics. Nearly there guys! Keep smiling, have a fab party and a GREAT BIG GIN for me on the 31st,
All my love (and James's!)

At 3:36 AM, Blogger eilidhm said...

Hi Guys thanks a million for letting me join you for the leg from Drymen to West Linton - fab time and will never forget jumping the cattle grid with Tommy the Tit!!!! It was brilliant to meet everyone involved with the ride especially those hardcore mad pair Ronnie & Gilly (that famous woman from the telly!!)
Looking forward to seeing you all again once the ride is over and you can come down from planet Annie to join us!!!
Lots of love and hugs Eilidh & Stu

At 3:37 AM, Blogger eilidhm said...

Hi Guys thanks a million for letting me join you for the leg from Drymen to West Linton - fab time and will never forget jumping the cattle grid with Tommy the Tit!!!! It was brilliant to meet everyone involved with the ride especially those hardcore mad pair Ronnie & Gilly (that famous woman from the telly!!)
Looking forward to seeing you all again once the ride is over and you can come down from planet Annie to join us!!!
Lots of love and hugs Eilidh & Stu

At 10:42 PM, Blogger Rose in Oregon said...

Hi Annie and Tim,

It's fascinating to be checking in on your adventure from the Northwest in the USA. My friend, Viki and I had the good fortune to ride with Tim in May of this year. (I am the "Brick" that managed to take a fall off Ben) - I've told everyone I now know what it feels like to be in a tumble dryer with a wooly blanket. Gentle Ben kindly stepped over me and STOPPED. I got back on and we continued the ride. Tim and Ben were the best! I am wishing you all the very best of luck-It sounds incredible!

Thank you for being a wonderful part of a great vacation.

Rose in Oregon

At 7:47 AM, Blogger Catriona said...

Ahoy there everbody!
Have been enjoying reading everone else's comments - my senitments are more or less the same; riding through Glencoe and down the Devil's Staircase atop the wonderful Prince was absolutely, utterly, totally and completely fantastic and I'm coming back for more!! Hope it's all going well and see you soon!
Cat xxx

At 11:30 AM, Blogger Pam said...

Hello fellow Clydesdale Migrators! I very much am enjoying reading your posts.

Will be joining up with the Clydes on Monday evening for leg 8 and I can hardly wait!

Pam in Idaho (haven't left yet but SOON!)

At 2:42 AM, Blogger Hayley said...

John and horsey pals
We came to see your wonderful horses (and John) in Aberfoyle, Drymen and the Campsies and they are magnificent! My wee boy loved them (second time around!Think he got a bit of a shock the first time!) Thank you for giving us the chance to see them and I hope that you are keeping safe, warm and well in your van John! Our washing machine hasn't been the same since it tackled your crusty pile of clothes!
Good luck for the rest of the journey.
love Hayley, Phil & Adam

At 3:31 AM, Blogger Numfar_uk said...

Hi all, i got home from leg 6 at 1:30 Wednesday morning and was missing you guys already. They were definitely the most amazing (if not the most painful...) 3 days of my life, thank God for halfchaps and seat savers! I'd only ridden Sparky once or twice before but he took great care of me for the first two days, he's a brave little guy and didn't hesitate when i asked him to do anything, although he did nearly take my head of when he decided to go as fast as possible under the bridge next to the river at Traquair (scary) and he did have a habit of wandering along at the back and then trotting to catch up which at the end of each day did nothing to help my aching legs :P (will they ever stop aching?)

I had the gorgeous Max for the third day and he was as wonderful as ever, Annie laughed at my face light up when she said i could ride him!

I met some very friendly people on the leg, saw some beautiful scenery, stayed in some very nice places (Traquair how posh was that hotel) made some wonderful memories, heard a wonderful poem which has to make it onto the DVD! and took some very nice photo's.

Definitely a one off experience, i'll never forget the expressions on peoples faces as we rode past, i've known Annie since she just had Max and Prince on Skye so seeing all the horses together was just a normal sight to me and it was fabulous to see how people reacted to seeing 10 huge Clydesdales go past.

I have a favour to ask to anyone who has been on the ride or seen them go past, i'm making a website for one of my uni lectures and need atleast one photo (hopefully quite a few more) from each leg also any memorable stories from along the way, my email addy is:
so get sending :) i'll put my photo's online soon.

Can't wait for the party day! Will come armed with Gin for a certain someone...

Thanks for any photo's

At 11:14 PM, Blogger Therry said...

Hi Annie & EVERYONE & GORJUSSS Horses - can't believe in just over a week you'll be here!!! Half term already and I'm off to Wales to say goodbye to the horses of Abergwynant farm - I'll do my best to fit Harley in the boot when I come home!! I hope that all is going smooooothly for you all - can't wait to hear about all your adventures. Hi to Gilly and Ronnie and Kirsty and Di who will be with you again soon. Lots of love to you all and see you very soon. Therry, Ralph & Co xxxx

At 3:10 PM, Blogger Mary B said...

I’m back at work in Leigh-on-Sea and don’t I just wish I was still riding kind, gentle Brutus through the ever-changing scenery of the Borders in beautiful sunshine (or even low clouds and mist).

The West Linton to Ettrickbridge crew may not have had to cope with inhospitable terrain and atrocious weather (quite the opposite) but we had our fun moments and times of adventure. I am going to record a few of these as my way of remembering my personal “Incredible Journey” on this three day leg.

West Linton to Peebles could hardly have been said to have started in a controlled and quiet manner. It actually started with a new version of “The Little and Large Show”. Ten huge Clydies led by Annie on Major, some of them with their newly appointed riders of ten minutes, were escorted through Windy Gowl Farm where Jill Noble keeps her lovely but much, much smaller Icelandics.
It was not a quiet arrival as the three Icelandics cantered up the stony track hotly pursued by the trotting and cantering Clydies who must have thought that it was a great game. My (sorry Dana’s) Brutus, having just finished two days’ rest didn’t realise when the game was over and continued to jog trot for quite some while despite all efforts to calm him down.
He was just beginning to settle before we crossed the A702 by the Gordon Arms Hotel (the previous night’s accommodation). Turning left towards the ford at West Linton poor Gilly found herself dumped unceremoniously on the floor in front of Brutus and me. I know Gilly will be ever grateful to me if I say she definitely did not fall off – Emma turned on a slippery and sloping road and her legs just went. Thankfully Gilly did not come to any great harm (none that she has owned up to anyway) and remounted moments later.
The Icelandics then charged through the ford and the townsfolk who came to watch the spectacle were treated to a great splashing of water as the Clydies followed at an energetic trot (or maybe canter, but Brutus is a lover of being at or near the front so I didn’t always know what was going on behind me). At this point our escorts wished us well, Annie thanked them for their hospitality and we continued on our own.

We had lunch in a very muddy area but it provided the horses with grass and a large drinking trough and the ladies with the requisite tree to hide behind. I was just glad I didn’t slip over in the mud and discovered that Benny Dog who accompanied us the whole day loves cheese rolls but is not partial to crisps. Also discovered that Annie is partial to anything if she doesn’t have her own pack lunch! Poor Annie – all those leg-ups – thank you.

The accommodation and food at Peebles both at Lyne Farm and at Drochil Castle Farmhouse were exceptionally good and our hosts were so friendly and helpful. Thanks Ann and David at Drochil – you were so kind and breakfast (especially the fresh fruit) was superb. We all dined together at Lyne Farm and Annie enjoyed her favourite tipple courtesy of Ann at Drochil. Dana and Fraser proved that they could turn their hand to waiting services whilst John proved that he would have no trouble at all in the entertainment industry. He gave an impromptu and truly amazing, unhesitating rendition of “Clancy of the Overflow” which he said is one of his favourite poems and which he had never before recited in public. For those who have not heard it before it compares the life of a cattle drover with that of an office worker and I do so hope that John is persuaded to repeat his performance for the cameras as I would love it to be included in the DVD.

At 3:14 PM, Blogger Mary B said...

The Peebles to Traquair / Innerleithen section was also ridden in very pleasant weather, led again by Annie on Tommy and started with fording the River Tweed and doing an about turn on the opposite river bank – thanks Fraser for putting us right. It involved a fair bit of minor road work to get around Peebles but the scenery was always picture postcard stuff. There were a few laughs as we negotiated a farmyard area marked private but which appeared from the map to be the correct route – why the laughs? Well you don’t see many lifestyle model gorillas in farmyards and the horses certainly don’t - one or two hesitated awhile before the less concerned led the way past. Lunch was a relaxing affair in a grassy field next to the road.

Much later in the day the question “Will this fencing ever end or have a gate?” was I’m sure on many a mind – probably particularly Annie’s - she was more than ready for a dismantling and rebuilding of said fencing. It ran uphill alongside the forest and was obviously recently erected for the sole purpose of keeping ten weary Clydesdales and riders and a weary Fraser from accessing the track which would lead us down to our home for the night in Innerleithen?” Well it did eventually offer a very welcome gate (particularly welcome to Catrina whose knee was troubling her). A sympathetic local man then let us ride through his property allowing us at seven o’clock and with the light failing to arrive at our destination………………….only to find that we were on the wrong side of the River Tweed and had a choice of more saddle time and a difficult journey around the roads or (and as far as our revered leader Annie was concerned – no contest) ride under a low bridge, duck low (glad I wasn’t on board the tallest) and ford the fairly fast flowing river. That was fun and again not one of the horses baulked at the idea. En masse we had an exhilarating gallop up the home stretch - a beautiful grassy field - to meet the team and feed the “oh so deserving”, hard working Clydies. A perfect end to a great day and I for one was surprised at how my not so young joints and other bits and pieces had coped with the stresses of considerably more riding hours than I am used to. We had wonderfully comfortable accommodation at Caddon View. (Helen, Ray and I walked to the hotel and went straight past it because it was advertised as superior accommodation – we didn’t think it could be for us!) But it was ours and superior it was indeed – thank you to the new owners Bob and Gail for your friendly welcome. We had a tasty meal as a group at the Traquair Arms. Hope you enjoyed the menu choices we made for you, Jane and Catrina.

At 3:22 PM, Blogger Mary B said...

The weather for day three from Traquair to Ettrickbridge did not look as promising as there was definitely rain on the way, but it was pushing up from the South-West so were again lucky as it did not arrive until late evening. Tim led the day three ride on Gertie. We retraced our steps back through the River Tweed and under the bridge and found a way into the forest without using the mountain bike route! Although it was dry we did have some considerable climbs and therefore found ourselves up in the clouds missing what were doubtless magnificent views. We made sure Fraser did not lose us by a group shout from a well-earned rest point for the sweaty horses. We asked if he heard us and were assured that there was no chance of missing our echoing call!

Tim decided we would stop for lunch in Yarrowford and I remember thinking “Why stop in a village when we have all this countryside for the horses to have a wander whilst we eat?” Tim is a wise man or has extra-sensory perception or both because we stopped at a bright red building and asked the farmer on a quad bike in the adjacent field whether it would be possible to turn the horses out for half an hour. He just wanted to fetch his sheep and was then more than happy for us to stay. Then we discovered Borders’ hospitality at its best. The ladies of the community who were busy making curtains for the recently refurbished village hall invited us to come in for tea, coffee and home-made cakes. (We even had the benefit of real loos!). I doubt if the lady running up hems on her sewing machine could have anticipated that her work would be filmed for a DVD. Thank you so much people of Yarrowford – it was a special moment and I hope we didn’t leave any mud in your hall! It was here that Catrina decided it would be prudent not to ride the final part of the leg as she risked damaging her knee. Fraser gave up his walking poles and took to the saddle.
Thanks to Tim’s farriery skills, Ben losing a front shoe high up on the cloudy moors caused only a short delay (enough time for a chocolate biscuit). I started to feel sad because my hours in the saddle on this amazing journey were numbered. We arrived at Helmburn Farm in Ettrickbridge safe and sound at dusk. The horses cooled down and had their enormous feeds in the warmth of the barn. My good friend Sarah who lives just a few miles away at Bowden met Helen and me and waited patiently whilst we said our goodbyes and bought the “essential, everybody should have one” Migration T-shirt before whisking us away and leaving our friends continuing on leg seven, the superb Clydies and their super-human support team to their evening tasks and a well-deserved day of rest.

The thank-yous could read like one of those Oscar award ceremonies because everyone who is involved in any way on the Migration deserves thanks. Thanks to Sarah for forwarding an email advertisement which planted the seed in my mind and thanks to Helen for agreeing to join the migration with me.
A huge thank you to Annie and Tim, Dana, Fraser and John who together make a brilliant and friendly organisational and support team. Also thanks to Ronnie, Ray, Gary, Gilly and Malcolm, who are riding all or several legs and with their experience made the newcomers so welcome and helped dispel any nervous apprehension on arrival. Thanks to all the other friends I met on this leg for your great company.

To the West Highland Team (perhaps more Cumbrian Team now) – Enjoy legs seven to ten and your party on the 31st. Good luck to you all in your new home at Whicham.

You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking I’m suffering from verbal diarrhoea, but don’t worry my diary really is finished now. (Did I hear you say thank goodness it wasn’t a four day leg?)

At 7:52 AM, Blogger Dana said...

hey everyone.... yet another 'day off'.... ahhh....
the horses are staying in the most bizarra place tonight with two pigs, sheep, lamas and who knows what other weird animals. Leg 8 starts tomorrow and then we are in the final stretch. I can't believe how quickly this has all passed by, and this last week will surely fly. I (and the rest of the staff) have met really amazing people throughout this whole journey and will no doubt miss the company once we get to our final destination. I however, will NOT miss living in a van!
Hope to see lots of familiar faces on the 31st, and for those of you who can't make it we will surely be thinking of you! LB if you are following this know that I am trying to devise a plan to get you there so you can ride your Super Beast in!

At 10:51 AM, Blogger Gilly said...

Hi everyone - would have posted again before now but trying to get onto this flipping blog is about as easy as getting on a Clydesdale without a convenient rock - unless you're superfit Therry or Dana that is!
Anyway - still having a fantastic time on the Great Clydesdale Migration and the adventures continue - buy the DVD if you want to see for yourself (sorry, couldn't resist the plug!)
Therese - You've been a hard act to follow, but I've done my best to keep up the drinking standards -Garry has assisted ably and Ronnie is doing pretty damn well for an American!
Ruth - I hope your Big Day was fantastic - it was great to see you again at Oatridge - shame you couldn't come out to play with us again.
Elaine - hope you & David are creating sweet music for the DVD - we missed you a lot after you left us.
Chloe & Daphne - the photos are terrific and I loved the customs man story - served him right!
Andrew - you're a star dancer and look fab in the kilt - thanks so much for coming to the ceilidh!
Nadine - hope you've recovered from the achey muscles - and the blistring hot curry!
Eilidh - still waiting for my shot on Tommy the Tit - and hope Stuart's bum recovers soon!
Maryb - loved your diary entry and everyone should do something similar, because it's great to share the memories.
Wish I could mention absolutely everyone but that would make this an unbelievably long comment.
I've really enjoyed meeting everyone on the GCM and made some fantastic friends and hope we'll all stay in touch.
All the best for now
Gilly (still in love with Max)

At 1:19 PM, Blogger AndyB said...

It was just fantastic to see you all again and thanks for making me so welcome. The reception the ride received in Newcastleton was truly special. The horses looked absolutely superb and behaved like superstars at the hotel. My treat was to give the beautiful Gypsy a brushdown thanks to Rae who somehow knew I really wanted to!

-You are very kind Gilly!!! I had a great night on Saturday at the Ceilidh and loved the music (thanks Malcolm) The DVD will be much in demand and I can't wait to see it. There is so much interest in the ride. I would love to ride with you again but I will support Annie and Tim when they get down to Cumbria with regular visits if they will have me. Pam and Helen who we met on Saturday have the same idea!!

I hope to catch up with you next weekend near the final stretch. Good luck to you all and if there is anything, absolutely anything I can do to help, please let me know. I am not far away.

At 5:25 AM, Blogger Numfar_uk said...

Thank you to Mary for your wonderful description of leg 6, so many happy memories (apart from "where the heck is the gate!?" on day 2) i'm sat in uni at the moment wishing it was a week ago, i think we were almost in Yarrowford by now *sniff*. Just a quick post as i'm off to a lecture in a moment (it's Digital Multi Media which i'm doing the migration website for so i get to spend two hours looking at pic's of the ride :D )

I've finally got my photo's uploaded and thought i'd post the link as soon as so here it is:

and a big thank you to the people that have already emailed me pictures, they're incredibly helpfull. If anyone else has photo's i'd love to see them, the more the merrier :D

Hope the weathers holding up for the guys on the ride at the moment, see you in a week!


At 8:42 AM, Blogger maureen said...

Hi Annie, Tim, Dana, Fraser and last but definitely not least John.
I loved evry minute of the 4 days of Leg 7. Thank you all for making it so great, and for all yur help.
The reception we got at Newcastleton was fantastic, and the long day to get there was worthwhile in the end!! Also the send off the next day. So many people interested in the horses.
I loved riding Gypsy, and want to thank Andy who also loves Gypsy for the great photo he took of me on her in the square and gave to me. That was so unexpected, and I am very pleased to have it.
Looking forward to riding in Cumbria, and seeing you all again, and the horses.
Hope the rest of the journey is great. Hello to all the lovely people I met on the ride, I enjoyed your company.
Bye for now.

At 4:32 AM, Blogger eilidhm said...

Well it's finally happened - Gilly rode Tommy!!!!
I have been telling her for weeks now that she had to try him out (don't know if the cattle grid incident gave her something to look forward to or dread!!) but at last she's ridden him and loved him - OK so no-one will ever replace Max but hey ho!!!

Landward (BBC1 11.30am) next Sunday are showing the last in the series about the trip but double check the time as I'm not 100% sure - day and channel are right though!!
Big Hi to everyone and hope Ronnie makes it home in one piece!!!

At 7:16 PM, Blogger Pam said...

Hello all, I *just* got home from the Migration. We did leg 8 and it was beyond wonderous. Words absolutely cannot convey how much fun we had riding the magnificent Clydes. I rode Gypsy Dancer all three days and that mare never took a bad step, including the now legendary bog crossing (courtesy of a missing bridge).

I am shattered, have been up for over 24 hours, but wanted to get in a short post.

Annie and Tim (and the rest of the gang), Yvonne, Mary and I will be going to our local British pub on the 31st and hoisting a pint (or three) in your honor. We also will get the check sent off by the end of the week, if you'll be patient and give us time to decompress and get to the bank.

Well done!!!!!

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Elaine said...

Hi everybody it is Elaine here from leg 5. I had such a magical time with you all, and am having serious clydie withdrawal symptoms - especially from Gypsy and Sparky! Gilly I have not forgotten about the DVD music and am hatching ideas with Dave at this very moment! So sorry we will not make it down for your grand arrival tomrw - have to work - poopy! But Dave and I will be toasting your success up in Perth. Can't wait to be riding with you all again, lots of love, Elaine xxx

At 6:58 AM, Blogger Pam said...

Waiting anxiously to hear that the Clydes and crew arrived safely in their new digs.

Last night, as promised, Yvonne, Mary and I (Team USA from leg 8) gathered at the local Bull's Head ("genuine" British pub) and toasted to the success and health of the Great Clydesdale Migration!

We look forward to hearing stories from other migrators and to the continued success of West Cumbrian Heavy Horses!

At 9:33 AM, Blogger ciorstaidhmacgillivray said...

hi everyone
i got back last night at 2.20am. so now i am extremely tired but hey i had such a brill time. i love new major so if anyone has any pics of him pls send them to me. haaaaa gary i won!!! can you still remember which end to put the bridle on. i hope annie managed to get out of bed this morning after way to many gins. the new farm is amazing. i cant wait to go again soon. by the way everyone has to persuade dana and frazer to stay they cant go!!!! frazer has dana shreared you yet and has dana flown off to mars yet.
hope everyone is ok and can still move without looking bow legged.

At 9:20 AM, Blogger Gilly said...

Hi everyone - I've been back at work for three days, but those big Clydie boys and girls just won't get out of my head - not that I really want them to.
Riding in to Chappels Farms was absolutely amazing - we finished the Migration with a mad dash of a gallop which must have suprised the pack of photographers waiting by the field gate somewhat!
It was lovely to think that Migration members all over the country - and in the USA were lifting a glass to us as we rode in - and needless to say I was completely overcome by the whole occasion and blubbed like a baby. Bit unfortunate given that I was riding Tommy so I couldn't even hide my face in his mane! Incidentally - I was on the Asbo boy for the last four days - and apart from mugging me for my cheese sandwich every day and dragging me about on the end of the lead rope, he was positively angelic and I really loved riding him.
The party at Chappels Farm was also terrific - especially seeing John as a very realistic Dracula - Fraser as a sheep (go figure...) Dana as a caterpillar - and Garry with a duck-billed platypus on his shoulder - just more Migration madness really.
Malcolm and I are hard at work on the DVD and determined it will be ready in plenty of time for Christmas, so please keep watching this Blog - or the Migration website - for further into.
I'd just like to say a huge thank you to Annie and Tim and John and Fraser and Dana - and Ronnie my Room-mate, and all the new mates I met on the journey (Therese - I did eventually learn to text - now I just need your number!)- and especially especially especially to those beautiful big brave horses. They above all will live in my heart forever. And now I'm going to sign off before I start blubbing again!

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Rose in Oregon said...

CAN'T WAIT FOR THE DVD!!! Glad ALL are safe and sound.

At 6:52 AM, Blogger Mary B said...

Hello all riders and followers of the migration. Thanks Gilly for your recent post so that I know you had a safe and fantastic arrival at Chappels Farm and enjoyed the party. I too am really looking forward to the DVD. At work on Monday I shall be having a reminder of my three days when I give a little talk and slide show to 360 junior school children. I hope the settling in period goes well, Annie and Tim.

At 7:43 AM, Blogger moira said...

Dear All, delighted to hear you have all arrived safely, and look forward to seeing you on Landward tomorrow. Just back from 3 weeks trekking in Sikkim - I could have done with Tommy or Gypsy to help me along! Thanks again for a really great trip on leg 1, Moira

At 10:19 AM, Blogger Helen said...

Have been following along since we got back to the states on Sunday night -- so wish I could have ridden instead of being left here and there. But, just seeing those big horses and being a small part was very exciting. Many of my patients also followed along on the net and have had numerous questions. It was good to get back to the UK (after about 9 years) and will be back again. Thanks Annie and Jim for your patience and for the teeny ride our last day. Will also be awaiting the DVD. (Helen in Washington State)

At 2:01 PM, Blogger andyb said...

Pleased to see your post Gilly as I felt for you on Tuesday. It must have been a massive anti-climax to come to the end of the ride. I know from personal experience that it took me a long time before the pain of leaving eased and I would love to be back among those magnificent horses again and the wonderful people I met through this. Malcolm is such a brilliant guy and I enjoyed my afternoon trying to find the horses on their last mile home.

I wish it was the Summer again.

At 6:44 AM, Blogger moira said...

Me again - Moira. Saw landward this morning it was brilliant - felt quite emotional when I saw you arrive at your new home. The programme certainly showed the horses off beautifully, and I am sure will lead to lots of new interest in them. Can't wait to bring my husband to Cumbria to ride with you all next year. The DVD will make a lovely Christmas present for me! Moira

At 12:59 AM, Blogger Gilly said...

Hi y'all - me again!
Couldn't resist letting you know about a fantastic day down at Chappels Farm yesterday (sunday). Malcolm wanted to get some footage of the Clydesdales on the beach, so we took them down to a vast expanse of golden sand at Silecroft - and let those babies rip! Boy can those Clydies move - and they really enjoy it too. To my joy I was back on Max - who completely forgot he's supposed to be one of the elder statesmen of the herd, and kicked up his heels like a good 'un. I also graciously allowed Annie to drive my car home so that I could blag a shot on Asbo boy - and let Malcolm ride back to the farm in style on the wonderful Max.
Andy - I know you'll understand when I say this was a very special day for me, and set me back on an even keel after the emotion of tuesday.
By the way - if anyone would like a Great Clydesdale Migration teeshirt, there are some left, but not many, so get your orders in (no, I'm not on commission!)
Finally - the Migration may be over, but I hope this Blog will go on for a good long while - so it would be great to hear from everyone. If you can't work out how to get on the Blog (it is a bit of a monster) then please drop me a line at and please note that's an underscore, not a hyphen. I'd really like to hear from you!
All the best

At 8:35 AM, Blogger John H said...

Incredible horses, spectacular scenery, wonderful people, six of the most fantastic weeks of my life.... That about sums it up for me!

Massive thanks to Annie and Tim for having me along for the whole amazing adventure; to Dana and Frazer for being such great travelling companions and co-workers; special thanks also to all the farmers, hoteliers and publicans (!) who made us feel so welcome at every stage of the journey; and of course to the riders (and other willing helpers along the way) for their friendship and good humour.

A mighty, "Cheers!" to you all,
John H- the Custodian of the Green Mariah

PS Yes, I did finally get around to committing that poem to video...

At 11:25 AM, Blogger moira said...

Moira here again, from leg1. Gilly mentions there are still tee shirts left. I would love to buy one - do I contact Annie or you Gilly?

At 4:10 PM, Blogger andyb said...

John it would be good to hear about your adventures through the blog.

At 3:06 AM, Blogger Numfar_uk said...

I can't believe it's been a week and no one's mentioned the fact that Annie was wearing a dress!

(Photo's to follow)


At 4:12 AM, Blogger Numfar_uk said...

Finally uploaded my final day Photo's so here's the link :-)

Leg 6 and final day photo's

Also, i've had a lot of photo's sent to me (thank you to everyone who has), but if there's anyone who took photo's from any of the legs that would be willing to let me use them on my uni project website could you please email them to me at:
Any photo's would be appreciated and i'll make sure i name the photographer. Also if anyone has any interesting stories from any of the legs they'd be very useful too :-)

Thanks, Cat.

At 8:36 AM, Blogger I Would walk ___miles said...

Heh everyone.

Thanks to everyone involved in the migration - you all contributed to making it an amazing experience. One I would do again in a heart beat, even if it meant living in the van. Also special thanks to anyone who requested comfort stops on the treks (without them I'd be miles behind!!).

Gilly is right, this past weekend was a blast. All the horses are happy and hyper, revved up on lush green grass. Dana even hurt her hand, which is pretty puffed up, trying to prevent brutus from cantering in circles. (She was unsucessful)

Lots of love and all the best. Also if anyone wants to fill me in on what you're up to, at any point time, I'd love to hear it. Or if you'd like an update on my travels, drop a line. My email is Those are underscores, not hyphens.

At 2:04 PM, Blogger andyb said...

Great piece on Border TV last night showing the last leg of the ride and shots from the beach Gilly referred to. Lots of interest from people following Gilly's adventure on Border. Huge potential DVD sales !!!

At 9:48 PM, Blogger Gilly said...

Thanks Andy! Expect your commission cheque in the post! Actually I've been amazed at the level of interest in the Migration - even from completely non-horsey people, and that's really nice. They can obviously appreciate the romance of the whole adventure.
Mal & I are working hard on the DVD - and I'm also writing up a storm, doing various magazine articles (including one for Horse & Hound which I THINK will be in today's edition), so if you see steam coming out of my ears you'll know it's just my poor brain overheating!
Meanwhile - we've put together a little 'taster' DVD for anyone who just can't wait for the real thing. Quite a few people wanted to see the video diaries I did for Border TV while we were on the road, so this DVD is a compilation of those, plus a few extra little bits and pieces - and you can have it for the princely sum of a tenner - which includes postage & packing. Please note - this is NOT the proper DVD, so if you'd rather wait for it, that's fine. Contact me direct on if you're interested.
Last marketing note for the moment - contact Annie or Tim direct at Chappels Farm for teeshirts.
That's the lot for now!

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Janland56 said...

Missed the Landward programme and was told about it by some of my RDA riders who had been looking out for me (unsuccessfully) on it but caught up on it on the net.Great to see all the people i met (and horses)arrive safely in Cumbria.I have happy memories of my stage still - like having a baby you forget the bad bits (like the rain and Gertie's dressage saddle)Looking forward to the DVD - definitely Christmas present material.Hope to catch up with the horses in their new home in the New Year.

At 6:26 AM, Blogger jacki said...

hurrah. i've found the blogs and how to join in with fellow migration fans/obsessors. I too cannot stop thinking of the days that I had on the Migration, and keep looking at the photos of wonderful Sparky (BIG kiss to you, my boy) - now the wallpaper on my computer. I feel - and I hope this doesn't sound naff- that it was a real privilege to be part of the Migration, and share.... oh no, this IS sounding naff. I'll stop. I had a great time. Annie, how about a migration to Skye now!!!
Gilly - look forward to the DVD. Jacki x

At 1:17 AM, Blogger eilidhm said...

Jacki - if you have an email address, I can send you a couple of photos of you and Sparky!! my email is

At 4:47 PM, Blogger andyb said...

Thanks Gilly I received the DVD this morning and it's great to have all the clips and a lot more in one place instead of being spread between old episodes of Emmerdale! There's a great piece of Bennydog stalking a hen too....brilliant. It's a great memento of an event that has had an incredible impact on lots of people and I can't wait for Annie and Tim to get up and running, so I can see them and those fantastic horses again.

In the meantime I will have to settle for looking at the DVD but how fortunate we are you were there to make it. Hope you are able to release the next installment soon.

At 12:40 AM, Blogger moira said...

I agree - initial DVD great - gosh it looks really wet and miserable that last steep down hill walk near the end of the trek - not sorry to have missed that bit! Glad to see that garry seemed to do a lot of the ride - bet he was fit by the end! Bbest wishes to you Garry, if you are keeping up with the Blog. Thanks to Gilly - again, Moira

At 1:24 AM, Blogger eilidhm said...

I agree with Andy - my DVD arrived yesterday, loved the bit of Benny stalking the hen - sorry I know I should be more interested in the ride but that was just soooo funny!!!
Look forward to the full length DVD!

At 12:08 PM, Blogger andyb said...

There was a lovely piece by Gilly in the Horse supplement of the Cumberland News tonight with a really nice photo. I must get a hat that allows me to break into a smile! At the end Gilly speculates on being able to tuck Max away and steal off with him. I can say for certainty that Annie has already sussed that one out, otherwise Gypsy would have been away with me at Crianlarich!! But seriously what a pleasure it is to see all these horses together and however many times you see them, it just makes you feel so good. Gilly's article on the ride is also in this week's Horse and Hound.

At 2:25 AM, Blogger Gilly said...

Hi Everyone
DVD Central calling!
Thanks to Andy, Moira & Eilidh for their kind comments about the 'Wee DVD' - and to everyone who has emailed me about it - really glad you enjoyed it - I knew you'd love the bit with Bennie - he was such a star I was delighted to give him a starring role!
Nadine - who did the West Linton leg - has come up with a bright idea but can't seem to get on the Blog again, so has asked me to pass it on - here goes:
hey gilly!
I've created a clydesdale migration group here
i have added everyone whos email addresses i have and they will all get an invite to join. ive asked if anyone has another email address to be added to either email me or visit the site above and ask to be added.
could you (when you have a moment) add this onto the blog site as a comment for me? just so everyone knows about it.

So - if you haven't already heard from Nadine, but you'd like to join in - either go through the address she's listed above - or her own email address is:
and I'm sure she'll be delighted to hear from you.

Ronnie has also been having problems getting on to the Blog - and I'm useless at explaining the procedure - so maybe someone could do a nice straightforward explanation? Anyway - in the meantime she sends her love to everyone and says she's missing us all - of course!

At 2:48 AM, Blogger jacki said...

Thank goodness for the Extremely Funny Benny the Dog bit (so perfectly matched to the music, it actually looks as if it's been choreographed!)as it snapped me out of my emotional response (Yes -I cried) to seeing our magnificent Clydie (and 2-legged) friends. Gilly's taster DVD has whet my appetite for the full DVD - in fact, I'm salivating...Jx

At 6:17 AM, Blogger Dana said...

Hey there everyone, It's amazing to look back on this blog and read what everyone has to say. I am so sad it is all over and returning to the'real' world has been quite a shock. Fraser and I left Chappels Farm on the 18th which was very hard. Fraser is now back in canada for his surgery while I start work in Glasgow tomorrow morning. It will be hard to be away from the horses but I have so many memories and pictures to keep me sane until I am next with them all.
Gilly the DVD is amazing, I also really love the Bennyman bit but I also have to admit that Fraser falling over is also a highlight for me!
I don't have many peoples email address so I will post mine and would love to hear from anyone who would like to contact me. It's
Gilly could you please send me your mom's and Jaquie's adresses?? Much appreciated.
Also Fraser and I have TONS of pictures so if anyone is looking for speciific pictures of anything or any of the horses let me know and if I can ever figure out how to load and send them I will do it.
Lots of Love...

At 4:57 AM, Blogger Andy said...

The Ford at West Linton.

At 10:16 AM, Blogger andyb said...

Andy, Gilly would like a copy of your video of the ford at West Linton Can you contact her please.

(Too many Andys !!)

At 4:49 AM, Blogger Di said...

Hi All,

Thought I'd let you know how much money we have raised for the charities so far - just over £1800 has been raised from the collecting buckets, sponsorship and donations. A big thank you to those who have donated money. We are still collecting so get in touch with me at if you want to donate and I will let you know how to.

The charities that we are supporting are BHS, ILPH, Eqine Grass Sickness Fund, Laminitis Trust and Macmillan Cancer.


At 9:31 AM, Blogger ciorstaidhmacgillivray said...

hi everyone
i am writng an narticle for pony magazine so it would be great if anybody had any funny stories and pictures

At 2:44 PM, Blogger Dana said...

if anyone has ruths or Garrys email address can they please please please send them to me?? thanks,

At 1:29 PM, Blogger andyb said...

I have just spoken to Annie this evening and she is being really philosophical about the appalling weather we have had since the end of the ride but clearly has lots to do before Cumbrian Heavy Horses get underway. Lots of exciting things are planned though.

She apologises for not being able to communicate but it seems BT have not been very helpful fixing a land line, Broadband has not yet reached the Whicham Valley and in excess of 1700 emails have crashed her computer!!

With horses being inside, a lot of mucking out to do, loads of setting up work, not to mention the chores and problems of daily life, Annie and Tim are certainly not getting a chance to rest.

I'm sure those of us who had such a great experience with the Migration would love to lend a hand in any way we can...wouldn't we?

Particularly if you have any special skills you think would be useful during the setting up phase, but even a break from mucking out would help. Why not take a s--t shovelling break get to see the horses!!!!

At 9:31 PM, Blogger Gilly said...

Morning y'all - to all who have been waiting for news of the DVD - thank you for your patience!

The 2-DVD set costs £20 plus £4 postage and packing. I'll be sending out the first lot from my place (till I can get supplies down to Annie), so please let ME have your orders - just send me an email at Please send cheques to Annie at Chappels Farm, Whicham Valley, Near Millom, Cumbria - can't remember the post code at the mo, but will add later - sorry!
Make the cheques out to:
West Highland Heavy Horses.
Hope you all enjoy the DVDs - it's been wonderful putting them together - but I wish I'd had about six months longer to do it! Anyway - they capture some incredibly special and magical moments and I hope they'll bring back some great memories for the Migration people - and to those not lucky enough to go on the great adventure, I hope they'll give an insight into what it was all about.
All the best for now

At 1:33 AM, Blogger eilidhm said...

Gilly - can I come visit and collect mine NOW!!!!!!

Have you still got the same mobile number as you had on the migration or was that just a temporary one? I remember something funny about your whole mobile situation at the time!!!

At 3:05 AM, Blogger Numfar_uk said...

Hi all, me and dad went to visit Annie and the boys yesterday, she was there on her own because Tim was off getting portaloos so i couldn't go for a ride but we managed to make ourselves useful by sweeping and then hosing the yard, it practically sparkled by the time we'd finished. Anyhoo she's currently waiting to get her licence so she's not running rides just yet.

She asked me to post here to tell you that at the moment she doesn't have broadband and her internet keeps crashing because she's got about 2000 unread emails so please don't email her at the moment and if you already have she's not ignoring you :-)

Can't wait for the DVD!


At 12:54 PM, Blogger andyb said...

As I was in the area Friday morning I was able to call in to see Annie, Tim and the horses on Monday and...deliver a batch of DVDs from Gilly.

The DVD is absolutely brilliant and it was just great to see what happened along the rest of the ride. There were certainly some very special moments. This DVD is even more than a record of the Migration, its a beautiful celebration of these magnificent horses that will be of interest to so many people. If you have any soul whatsoever, the combination of horses, scenery and music will be guaranteed to bring tears of pleasure to your eyes.

I understand from Annie that cheques for £19.99 + £4.00 postage and packing need to be made out to West Highland Heavy Horses for now. I think the postcode is LA18 5LY.

I was able to lend a hand mucking out and it was just such a pleasure to see these superstars of the horse world again. They are all in great shape and looking happy and relaxed. Annie and Tim look after them so well.

There is loads of work to do down at Whicham but it will be a great place for the future. Please continue to give them your support.

At 4:02 AM, Blogger eilidhm said...

My DVD arrived from Gilly yesterday so forced myself to sit up until after midnight to watch it last night!!!

Was so close to tears watching it as it brought back so many memories!!!

At 1:43 PM, Blogger andyb said...


I was fortunate to be able to go and do a bit of mucking out for Annie and Tim today so have a bit more news. Annie's computer is almost back in action and she will be able to post a progress report soon on the Cumbrian Heavy Horses website, so keep checking and watch out for news from Annie herself.

Every time I see them I am amazed at just how wonderful these horses are, all of them. They are just so good to be with (as are Annie and Tim!!) With the setbacks caused by the weather and still loads of setting up work to do, it looks like it may be March before we can go and ride again.

If you haven't already got one, what you need is a DVD and you can watch it every night until they open for business again. If you think that's a daft idea, it's what I'm doing and I honestly haven't missed a day watching it since I got it,it's that good!!

At 1:31 PM, Blogger andyb said...

Please check the Cumbrian Heavy Horses website for news from Annie and Tim of developments at the new location at Chappels Farm Whicham and details of when they are expecting to be open for business.

At 8:01 AM, Blogger Pam said...

Received the DVDs a few weeks ago and have hardly been able to tear myself away. I have shown them to dozens of people, all of whom have enjoyed them enormously!

I can't think Gilly and crew enough for these DVDs. Gilly, is there enough video left to do another set?

Pam in Idaho

At 5:59 AM, Blogger AndyB said...

In October 2006 my life was changed, probably forever, by The Great Clydesdale Migration. Partly because it made me realise I need horses in my life again but mostly because I found in Annie and Tim, two people in the horse world, who I have absolute respect and admiration for. I am pleased to say that over the months since the ride, we have become firm friends, as have lots of other lovely people who enjoy being with them.

Then of course, the horses! I love them all but one horse in particular, who gave me the best riding experience of my life on the Migration, will always be my very special favourite. I can't wait to see her and I can't bear to leave her, the beautiful Gypsy. We all have our favourites and there are new horses to enjoy. The months since the ride ended have been hard, very hard, with constantly wet and windy weather and unforseen and sometimes cruel setbacks. On Saturday 24th March however, the Whicham Valley was blessed with glorious sunshine and CUMBRIAN HEAVY HORSES OPENED FOR BUSINESS !!

The TRSS assessment was passed with flying colours and their seal of approval is now displayed on the big barn door where some of the horses are stabled. It was a very emotional day all round but the new premises looked fantastic and will provide a base for many further adventures. The people who rode trial rides returned with joy and excitement on their faces but everyone is struck with wonder at the magic of these beautiful, magnificent horses.

This is not a business, its a calling, a celebration of what heavy horses can do and it gives life and purpose to a very special group of Clydesdale and Shires. To keep them together it needs your support, so please please make contact with Annie or Tim on Mobile: 07769 588565 Home: 01229 777764.



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